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The Wytch Files Ep. 09: Comics! #1 (Black Magick, Scarlet Witch & Shaman)

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6.0 / 7.0

"Black Magick," issues 1-5. Published by Image Comics, Inc., written by Greg Rucka, art by Nicola Scott.

3.5 / 7.0

"Scarlet Witch," issues 1-5. Published by Marvel, written by James Robinson, art by Vanessa Del Rey, Marco Rudy, Steve Dillon (of Preacher fame), Chris Visions, & Javier Pulido.  Cover art by David Aja.

3.5 / 7.0

"Shaman," vol.1. Published by Locust Moon Press, written by Ben Kahn, art by Bruno Hidalgo.

Three comic book magicians, how realistic is their magic?

We are very excited to be doing our very first comic book review episode!  In this episode, we review "Black Magick," "Scarlet Witch," and "Shaman."

In our review of "Black Magick," we mention that the Mabon ritual depicted in the book makes use of a brief passage from the Mabon ritual in The Witches' Bible, written by modern witches Janet and Stewart Farrar.  Sadly, Stewart Farrar is no longer with us but you can find more information about Stewart and his partners Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone at their official website.

Janet and Stewart Farrar were initiated into British Traditional Wicca by Alex and Maxine Sanders.  The two most prominent traditions in British Traditional Wicca are Gardnerian Wicca, founded by Gerald Brousseau Gardner and Alexandrian Wicca, founded by Alex Sanders. If you are interested in the difference between Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft, take a look at Sarah Anne Lawless' blog post "Introduction to Traditional Witchcraft".

We briefly mention the use of runes in spell craft. Want to go deeper? Check out the mentioned book by "Runelore" by Edred Thorsson,  "Taking Up the Runes" by Diana Paxton and Freya Aswynn's "Northern Mysteries and Magick."

We also discuss our disappearing occult shops, independent businesses that function as centers for our communities. If you are in the NYC area, visit Enchantments in Manhattan's East Village, Catland in Brooklyn, and Magickal Realms in the boogie-down Bronx. Not in the Big Apple? Find local shops (and events, classes, workshops, and peers) near you on The Witches' Voice local page listings.

The Scarlet Witch faces off against the Minotaur in issue two of the comic.  The Theoi Greek Mythology website explores the mythology of the Minotaur and is a great resource for exploring mythology in classical literature and art.  Theoi also has great information for the Great Goddess Hekate.  Two additional great websites for the Goddess Hekate are The Covenant of Hekate lead by its Keybearer Sorita d'Este and The Temple of Hekate by Tara Sanchez.

If "Shaman" has whet your appetite for some information on modern shamanism, a good podcast to listen to is Why Shamanism Now? hosted by Christina Pratt. We can also recommend the book Trance-Portation by Diana Paxton for developing good foundational trance skills and basic other-world etiquette.

The use of tobacco and smoking blends in spirit work is mentioned in our review of Shaman. More info on tobacco and other herbs can be found in this blog post from Sarah Anne Lawless. Want to try some out? Visit Highwinds Herbs, a fair trade, certified organic, and wildcraft farm located in upstate New York.

Shaman's daughter LL performs defensive magic using her tattoos.  Tattoos have a long connection to shamanism and magic.  In his article Shamanic Skin: The Art of Magical Tattoos, Lars Krutak takes us through the tattoo art of indigenous cultures around the world and their magical uses.  The art and magic of tattoos is continued today in our modern world through the talents of artists like Jessica Mascitti Ellis.  For more wonderful pictures of her tattoo art, follow her on Instagram @jessmachete.

We'd like to thank the wonderful creators behind the above comics for their creative visions of magical workers!  Please be sure to follow them on their respective websites, blogs and other social media.

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