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The Wytch Files - Ep. 06: The X-Files, Part 2 (1993-2002, 2016)

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   2.5 / 7.0

Welcome back! Today, we bring you Part 2 of our X-Files review.  In this episode, we cover the remaining five episodes of our eight episode review arc.  These five remaining episodes, were in our humble opinion, the weaker episodes of the bunch.  So, in no special order, those episodes were:

1) Fresh Bones (Season 2, Ep.15)

2) Tesos Dos Bichos (Season 3, Ep. 18)

3) Sanguinarium (Season 4, Ep. 6)

4) Kaddish (Season 4, Ep. 15)

5) Home Again (Season 10, Ep 4)

Haitian Vodou is featured in the episode "Fresh Bones". Vodou is a beautiful spiritual path with a long and rich history.  For some stunning photographs of Vodou in Haiti, check out a photographer's 20-year exploration of Haitian Vodou.

For some information on the Vodou Lwa Simbi Andezo, please visit here.

In the episode, we mention Bufotoxin secreted by toads.  Please check out our recent blog post on toads for additional information.

Yahe, Ayahuasca is referenced in "Tesos Dos Bichos".  Listed in the YouTube playlist below a wonderful documentary on this topic, "DMT: The Spirit Molecule."

The "Sanguinarium" episode caused some controversy in Neopagan circles when it first aired.  Check out these two posts from The Witches' Voice here and here. And here is some more info from NPR on the outrageous number of deaths medical malpractice deaths in the USA.

Lastly, episode "Home Again" from new min-series Season 10 deals with a street artist/magician (played by Rancid's Tim Armstrong) who creates thought-form servitors. Here is an interesting article by Chaos Magician Phil Hine on servitors. What would a season 11 have in store? Let's hope they listen to fan feedback.

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